Below are the details of the photography courses offered by Robin Jensen, one course per term, starting with a Beginner/intermediate level, then learning the software, Adobe Photoshop, then a Spring session which will take you outdoors to use the skills learned in previous courses.


Practical Photography

Tuesday, 7-9 PM (Autumn Term Only)

Course Length: 8 Sessions (16 hrs)

Price: 210 euros

Instructor: Robin Jensen

Suitable for beginner- intermediate

Course Description

Material requirements are a Reflex camera with interchangable lenses

Do you feel frustrated with the results of your photos? Learn how to master your camera correctly and dramatically improve the quality
of your shots. Robin will teach you, with the basic techniques (shutter speed vs. aperture, depth of field), plus choices of lenses,
types of film, etc. Get special tips for composition & framing applied to landscapes and portraits, and in a dedicated session, pick up
some basic and very handy Photoshop techniques to further improve your pictures. (16 hours)

Please note:
This course will only be available for the Autumn Term 2016 (will not be running for Winter or Spring 2017) but registrations are welcome anytime beforehand!

A minimum of 4 people is required for this class to take place

Photography - Photoshop

Winter Term
commencing week of 29th January 2018

Tuesday 7-9pm

Price: 210 Euros

Course Length: 8 Sessions (16hrs)

Instructor: Robin Jensen

Course Description

The darkroom has gone digita!. Now everyone can touch up photo’s and create amazing images.

Welcome to the world of Photoshop! During this 8 week session Robin Jensen will take you through the basics of digital imaging to some advanced techniqes and help you produce stunning images.

Please note:
This course will only be available for the Winter Term 2016, commencing in January 2016, but registrations are welcome anytime!

Requirements: Photoshop 7 or above, or Photoshop Elements, plus a laptop.

A minimum of 4 people is required for this class to take place


Photography Level II

To be offered Spring Term 2018

Day/course length: TBA

Price: TBA

Use your camera and your flash, correctly - indoors, outdoors, day or night. If you have mastered the basics of photography via aperture, speed and depth of field, you can now focus on other more advanced techniques of your camera, and by learning optimized composition in landscape, portraits and action photography.
(16 hours)

It is recommended that you have completed the "Practical Photography" course or have at least learned the basics of using your camera.



Robin Jensen is a professional photographer catering essentially to corporate events in Belgium and Luxembourg.
This is his 13th year teaching photography here with us at The Second Degree